Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Meet Millennials: We're Different Than Other Generations

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Millennials grew up with two special influences: Technology and Choice. Although some might mistake that for a feeling of entitlement, it's merely the result of rising up in a world that now offers more choices and opportunities than ever before.

The millennials have cultivated up in a community that is very different than any class before them. We've been connected to technology because we were infants, certainly are a safe era, and are grown up with brands like Apple, iTunes, Netflix, Google, Android which makes it nearly instinctual that everything can be customized.  We are the absolute most planned era ever, are true multi-taskers, expect to have 6-8 occupations in their whole life and are drawn to varied environments.

We are the very first era in history that have grown up completely immersed in a world of digital technology, that has shaped our identities and produced lasting political, social and cultural attitudes.

On a global study of Millennials done by Telefonica in 2014 shows that mobile technology is important to Millennials across the board, and it's maybe not all for fun and games. In addition to entertaining themselves and maintaining social associates, 46 % of Millennials and significantly more than 60 % of Latin Millennials said they use their devices for study and education.

Millennials are startup kids. We grew up on entrepreneurship watching Steve Jobs lead the renewed Apple, Mark Zuckerberg build a social media sensation and other young innovators affect standard industries.
Millennials are knowing that beginning a business, also when it fails, shows them significantly more than sitting in a cubicle for 10 years. And understanding is the top power for a societal and particular progress.

Main-stream media has drawn a picture of Millennials as lazy, narcissistic and entitled selfie-lovers.

Millennials also have more positive attitudes about technology than other generations–were probably the most likely to state that technology makes living simply as opposed to harder, most technology provides persons closer together than drives them further aside, and lastly that technology allows persons to use their time more efficiently.

The millennial generation has a powerful feeling of neighborhood equally on a regional and worldwide scale. In comparison to the previous generation, Millennials give attention to larger societal wants rather than personal needs.

When it comes to health, cultural, economic and environmental issues, Millennials are the absolute most aware generation to date.

Millennials want to be real. We would like to stay true to who we're, our values and individuality. We need our employees to regard their personal variations and embrace the potential why these unique features can bring.

In this era of social media, credibility is characterized by a reliability and continuity between our online personas and lives in the true world. Like every generation, Millennials present generalized and distinctive attributes which makes us different from our predecessors.

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