Monday, October 2, 2017

iOS 11 review: Think Before You Update

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The iOS 11 is finally out. Apple launched iOS 11 to everyone else with a modern iPhone users. You can get it today in Settings > Normal > Computer software Update. Here are some changes after the update.

First, you will notice the icon keys when unlocking the device and the signal bar it's just like the Android signal bar. When starting the button, it will open wherever you shift it to on the screen as opposed to automatically in the middle. 

As you can see, some of the app icons are changed like Calculator, Appstore, Calendar and etc..

The iOS 11.0 has already Files folder like Android Features.

This is the new Control Center interface of the iOS 11 it's so plain right?

The new Notes of the iOS 11. Read the description in the image to know the changes.

The image shows the new interface of the Appstore. The update is so classy.

The calendar has new functions such Found Events, Time to Leave and Location Suggestions. Just read the description in the photo.


iPhone also the Messages. You can send GIF to your friend using Messages application.

The key buttons of the calculator were changed. You can edit now your screenshot. The image appears in the leftmost bottom part of the screen for seconds and if you click it, this will appears.

The best part of the update is you can now enjoy the whole memory of your phone, not like before.

This is some updates of the iOS 11 that you need to know.

1 comment :

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