Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Meet Millennials: We're Different Than Other Generations

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Millennials grew up with two special influences: Technology and Choice. Although some might mistake that for a feeling of entitlement, it's merely the result of rising up in a world that now offers more choices and opportunities than ever before.

The millennials have cultivated up in a community that is very different than any class before them. We've been connected to technology because we were infants, certainly are a safe era, and are grown up with brands like Apple, iTunes, Netflix, Google, Android which makes it nearly instinctual that everything can be customized.  We are the absolute most planned era ever, are true multi-taskers, expect to have 6-8 occupations in their whole life and are drawn to varied environments.

We are the very first era in history that have grown up completely immersed in a world of digital technology, that has shaped our identities and produced lasting political, social and cultural attitudes.

On a global study of Millennials done by Telefonica in 2014 shows that mobile technology is important to Millennials across the board, and it's maybe not all for fun and games. In addition to entertaining themselves and maintaining social associates, 46 % of Millennials and significantly more than 60 % of Latin Millennials said they use their devices for study and education.

Millennials are startup kids. We grew up on entrepreneurship watching Steve Jobs lead the renewed Apple, Mark Zuckerberg build a social media sensation and other young innovators affect standard industries.
Millennials are knowing that beginning a business, also when it fails, shows them significantly more than sitting in a cubicle for 10 years. And understanding is the top power for a societal and particular progress.

Main-stream media has drawn a picture of Millennials as lazy, narcissistic and entitled selfie-lovers.

Millennials also have more positive attitudes about technology than other generations–were probably the most likely to state that technology makes living simply as opposed to harder, most technology provides persons closer together than drives them further aside, and lastly that technology allows persons to use their time more efficiently.

The millennial generation has a powerful feeling of neighborhood equally on a regional and worldwide scale. In comparison to the previous generation, Millennials give attention to larger societal wants rather than personal needs.

When it comes to health, cultural, economic and environmental issues, Millennials are the absolute most aware generation to date.

Millennials want to be real. We would like to stay true to who we're, our values and individuality. We need our employees to regard their personal variations and embrace the potential why these unique features can bring.

In this era of social media, credibility is characterized by a reliability and continuity between our online personas and lives in the true world. Like every generation, Millennials present generalized and distinctive attributes which makes us different from our predecessors.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Poor Young Girl Was Killed By Her Headset During Her Sleep.

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young girl

A young Filipino girl recharges her phone while using her headset is connected to her ears and dropped asleep and it exploded, we're not sure which device was the cause maybe it absolutely was an iPhone or any other flawed Android device.


As she was sleeping, the device overcharged, exploded and the electrical power flow to the headset and she got electrocuted and died in her sleep. This is the most typical purpose a battery fails. Something goes wrong in the receiving circuit and the input power continues to drive the substance reaction. One devote the battery will ultimately get also warm and, because it is however being priced, it cannot cool off, causing what's identified as thermal runaway.


This goes showing that people shouldn't be so in tuned with our smartphones it could result terrible circumstances like the main one you are currently reading, so do not exercise charging your cellphones with earphone in your ear.


This are some general tips to check out that could help defend yourself and your device from catastrophe. Normal caution signs that the battery is damaged and could explode incorporate a hissing sound, swallowing, or swelling.

Stop charging your phone it if becomes too hot. Allow your phone to cool-down before charging it again and make sure that you do not cover your phone to let heat avoid properly.

Stay glued to first-party chargers. Use the charger included in the package to make sure that your phone is getting the perfect voltage and current. If you're using a phone with a USB Type-C port or Rapid Charge, it may be wise to stick to the cable that got in the package too.

Used first-party chargers. Use the charger included in the package to make sure that your phone is getting the perfect voltage and current. If you're using a phone with a USB Type-C port or Rapid Charge, it may be wise to stick to the cable that got in the package too.
Don’t charge your phone in bed. I know it's very seductive to watch a video or read when you get to sleep, but you do not desire to throw around in your telephone and contain it overheat. Not to mention that making your telephone under a pillow although it costs may cause it to heat up.
Be conscious of where you demand your phone. Avoid receiving for long amounts of time in actually warm areas, such causing your telephone on an automobile dashboard, alongside a radiator, or in sunlight on warm days.

Share this informative article with all your friends and support prevent that from happening again because this is a really unhappy method to keep that earth, keep your entire comments in the area under and reveal your entire opinions.

Monday, October 2, 2017

iOS 11 review: Think Before You Update

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The iOS 11 is finally out. Apple launched iOS 11 to everyone else with a modern iPhone users. You can get it today in Settings > Normal > Computer software Update. Here are some changes after the update.

First, you will notice the icon keys when unlocking the device and the signal bar it's just like the Android signal bar. When starting the button, it will open wherever you shift it to on the screen as opposed to automatically in the middle. 

As you can see, some of the app icons are changed like Calculator, Appstore, Calendar and etc..

The iOS 11.0 has already Files folder like Android Features.

This is the new Control Center interface of the iOS 11 it's so plain right?

The new Notes of the iOS 11. Read the description in the image to know the changes.

The image shows the new interface of the Appstore. The update is so classy.

The calendar has new functions such Found Events, Time to Leave and Location Suggestions. Just read the description in the photo.


iPhone also the Messages. You can send GIF to your friend using Messages application.

The key buttons of the calculator were changed. You can edit now your screenshot. The image appears in the leftmost bottom part of the screen for seconds and if you click it, this will appears.

The best part of the update is you can now enjoy the whole memory of your phone, not like before.

This is some updates of the iOS 11 that you need to know.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kids Drinking Alcohol Video Goes Viral

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Dont Drink Alcohol

The rising problem of adolescent alcoholism should be a major cause of concern for all parents, who should do everything within their power to completely understand the condition and to understand what to do in case their adolescent children fall victim to it. 
An alarming and disturbing video featuring kids drinking alcohol goes viral on numerous social media sites. The video shows around eleven small children, boys and girls are visible passing a shot of glass containing an alcoholic beverage. The kids drinking liquor video has recently received strong condemnation from Facebook users. The following information should serve as a “reminder” list of compelling reasons not to drink alcohol.

Alcohol use, both short- and long-term affect the brain.  The short-term effects of alcohol punishment, including cognitive issues and slow reaction time, are bad enough. These effects contribute to bad decision-making and often dangerous and impulsive behavior.

Alcoholism can contribute to severe, chronic diseases. Drinking alcohol excessively for prolonged periods of time could cause high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and may possibly contribute to a variety of cancers, such as those of the throat, esophagus, breast, stomach, and colon.

Drinking alcohol can cause sickness the next day – hangovers. 
In other words, a hangover is your system adjusting never to consume anymore – and it's perhaps not unlike having withdrawal symptoms for any substance. Characteristically, you will soon be tired, parched, and have a headache.

You could be injured while drinking alcohol. 
Drinking does the three issues that are usually to bring result damage – it (1) slows reaction time, (2) impairs thinking, and (3) affects stability and coordination. Therefore, drinking is usually an adding factor to a myriad of physical accidents, such as car crashes, violent altercations, sexual invasion, comes, drownings burns off, and misuse of firearms.

Using alcohol can cause dependence. 
Alcohol is an addictive substance, and people who use it will get addicted, exactly like any other drug. Whenever an individual becomes dependent, frequently they can’t appreciate what exactly they used to before without the dependency on alcohol. Drinking, essentially, hijacks the portion of your head accountable for pleasure, therefore other pursuits are never again exactly the same as long as you are drinking.

Drinking alcohol can make you gain weight. 
Liquor may contain lots of calories. Specialty beers could have 150-200 calories per 12-ounce may, and just 1-2 shots of liquor and you're there already. There are no nutritional benefits to drinking, and in the event that you want to slim down (or maybe not gain any) this is one of the best causes to not drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can kill you, quickly, not just slowly. 
People die annually from intense alcohol intoxication. If a person's blood alcohol concentration reaches higher than .4%, death might be imminent. And that's along with the many people who die in car failures and other alcohol-related accidents.

Just because there's alcohol around you, that doesn't mean you have to drink it - it's pretty easy to say no and drink some soda or something.
Remember, alcohol is theoretically a toxin, and can affect a person's mind, body, psychological state, and conduct in just about any multitude of waysThe more alcohol consumed, the more these outcomes could become apparent.

Monday, September 25, 2017

UBTECH Robotics successfully launched the JIMU Robots in PH

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JIMU Robots Staffs

UBTECH Robotics successfully launched the world’s most intuitive and easy to build JIMU Robots in PH last September 21, 2017, at World Trade Center Manila.


The JIMU Robot System of do-it-yourself robots is the first robotic line that allows the user to create, build and program their own robot. JIMU Robot projects are designed and controlled using the JIMU Robot app, on the App Store and Google Play store. The application provides instructions and guides on how to construct, program and control the JIMU Robot. It also provides access to a worldwide online community, mainly for JIMU Robot Inventors to post, share and like an officially and person generated JIMU Robotic designs.
Sample Robots

All Jimu kits also include a main control box, a lithium-ion battery, and an adapter. Parts are also interchangeable with other Jimu sets, so you can create your own designs using parts from other sets. Each robot employs numerous high-torque servos that let it move and motion with extremely fluid moves in whatever patterns and the way you want using Bluetooth connected iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to program and control it. 

While building a Jimu Robot children are also fostering logical, spatial and creative 3D thinking. Easy snap-together construction with endless possibilities, simple, intuitive app-based programming and hours on hours of exciting, imaginative robotic enjoyment make the Jimu Robot the world’s best build-your-own robot system for kids of all ages!

Play with Jimu

JIMU Robot parts are made of PC plastics with ROHS and CE certification, making them environmentally friendly, safe and durable.

UBTECH is exclusively distributed by Banbros Commercial Inc. For more information about UBTech and Jimu Robot, you may visit their official website.

Monday, September 18, 2017

DUTERTE: September 21 is not a holiday, just a day of Protest

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Monday responded that September 21, the day that scars the 45th anniversary recently dictator Ferdinand Marcos'martial legislation nationwide, was not reported as a holiday. Talking with reporters in Bagumbong, North Caloocan, Duterte said he was only proclaiming September 21, Thursday, as “National Day of Protest,” that may allow any Filipino citizens to show mass protests all through the entire country.

"September 21 is not a holiday, I have declared it a day of protest. Yung gusto mag protesta laban sa gobyerno, laban sa pulis, laban sa military o lahat, magbabaan kayo lahat," he told reporters. 

“At this early, I am saying that I am ordering a holiday therefore no body can get harm, in the event of demonstration and it gets chaotic. You will have no work in government and classes are suspended that day,” the Chief Executive said.

President Duterte say no work and classes on September 21 but clarifies he will not declare a holiday.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Grow Your Own: Starting A Basic Urban Fruit Garden

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Nowadays, there are plenty of choices for urbanites including indoor gardening systems. These options allow it to be easier for individuals and families to reap the benefits of growing your personal food. The seeds of change are already being planted in homes like mine throughout the world. For these seeds to develop and blossom, we need to demand more local food so your market for urban-grown produce expands. When you feed your produce to your household, you're less inclined to douse it in poisons. Local food has more freshness, flavor, and nutrient retention as it goes through less transportation and processing. Because the urban farming movement grows, it'll mean more accessibility to nutritious local food and more time spent doing the healthy physical work of gardening. This can end in less obesity, less chronic disease, and decreased healthcare spending.

Take a peek at these creative seed starter ideas and get growing.


 - Each has around 200 seeds.
 - Rinse & Dry in a warm spot 2-3 Days. 
 - Keep the soil moist. Transfer to larger pot after 6 


- Each has around 100 -120 seeds. 
- Rinse & Dry. 
- Keep in cool well-ventilated space.


- Each can have  hundreds of seeds. 
- Keep in warm spot like the top of refrigerator.


- Up to 15 seeds. 
- Rinse and do not dry seeds. 
- Keep in warm spot.


- 1 seed.
- Rinse. 
- Cut stem in half when 6 inches long. 
- Transfer to soil when stem regrows leaves.


- 1 crown. 
- Dry 2-7 Days. 
- Transfer to soil within 5-8 weeks.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Useful Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Learning is an endless process. And it needs plenty of remark; we can understand plenty of new methods to do items that may make our living simpler and simpler. These living ideas are so widely distribute that it's difficult to track and credit the initial authors. When you notice your lifetime hack here – please let us know, we could be more than pleased to credit you.

Listed below are the useful life hacks that will change your life:

  • Sign up for the free 30 minutes trial of on-board WiFi while flying. Delete cookies when trial ends. Start new trial.

  • Hungry and want a ride home? Go to the local pizza shop, order a pizza for delivery, and get a ride home with the driver.

  • Have a song stuck in your head but can’t think of the name? allows you to sing or hum the song into your computer or phone and it will find it.

  • Download music legally: Copy a Youtube URL with the song you want. Go to Enter the URL & press “Convert” and download.

  • Graduating College? Hold on to your college I.D. to get student discounts. Most places just look at the photo, not the graduation year.

  • To make sure you leave the house on time in the morning, create a playlist exactly as long as you have to get ready.When the last song plays you’ll hustle up like you never have before.

  • Four words to get free alcohol at a party: I’ve never been drunk.                                   

  • If you want to sound sick when calling in to your work, lie on your back while hanging your head over the edge of the bed. you will sound congested.

  • If you’re driving into a town and don’t know what to do call a hotel, Say you’re staying there next week and ask any question you want.

  • On you can write a letter to your future self, then choose when it emailed  to you.

  • Video buffering on Youtube? Press the up arrow, it will start a game of snake.

  • To skip a Youtube ad, just change “youtube” to “youtubeskip” in the URL of any video.

  • When you’re finished with an essay, Copy and paste it to Google translate, Listen to it. It’s the easiest way to find mistakes.

  • If you type in any flight number into Google you can see exactly where the plane is. 

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